Coloring Book for Sale!

The first Mermaid Science Coloring Book is for Sale on Amazon and Create Space! Here’s the link: It has mermaids, rockfish, sea stars and more! A great way to learn about the colors in the ocean.


For no good reason there is a prevalent fallacy spread through many areas of the third world that a boy’s education in more important than a girl’s. This was a harsh fact for a liberal, educated California girl to come to terms with in my travels. This is also the reason I began a program in the East Indies, The Mermaid Islands Corp.; …

Central Coast Writer’s Conference

The 2015 Writers Conference did not disappoint! This year I got to be in charge of the 2015 Teen Writer’s program (thanks to PG&E who generously covered their conference fees). These teens brought contagious joy to their craft and raw talent radiated from their pens. It was truly inspiring and I look forward to doing it all again next year! Every September it is full …

Broke Bay Area Art

I have a talented and handsome brother named Alex (see below). He writes for the young, broke and beautiful on a site called This month, I had the pleasure of illustrating the above for one of their tongue and cheek articles on which city is “hipper” San Francisco or Oakland. If you are interested in the answer, check it out:

Bound for SCBWI 2015

This fresh pack ‘o cards is excited for the 2015 Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators conference in LA!

Memories of a Marine Biologist

Looking throughout old sketchbooks of rockfish and found these from my NOAA/NMFS days as a Research Fisheries Biologist. Fun, fun, fun…. contemplating Quillback Stock Assessment. oh the memories of analyzing all the West Coast spatially enabled trawl data for groundfishes, making conclusions about Rockfish Conservation Areas and other such mer-things. Quillback Stock Assessment Flag Rockfish  

Not a Christmas Mermaid

There have been a lot of inquiries about the first Mermaid Scientist book coming out in time for the holidays. I myself was extremely excited too. This was to be the easiest Christmas shopping year of my life. One item for everyone! Done! Happy Holidays! Love Me. But the tide is switching and temporarily floating Mermaid Scientist away into the world of …

Mermaid Scientist partners with Red Fox Literary

At the Central Coast Writers’ Conference this September, I carried with me my first fully illustrated children’s book; my trusty companion for these last couple years. We excitedly attended lectures, encountered authors and illustrators and had the pleasure of lunching with a few literary agents. The artists and agents liked my “Jacques Cousteau meets little mermaid” concept and I am …